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I know you're out there, I know you're gone...

Music, being omnipresent and being the driving force in my life since I was 10, has created a road map of my life laid out in notes and chords. Certain songs and albums transport me to places on that map I haven't been in years.

In high school, Sean and I listened to a lot of Dinosaur Jr. My favorite album was "You're Living All Over Me", his was "Bug". "Where You Been" came out in our senior year. We didn't really like it that much. I wore my "girl hugging ogre" shirt probably way too much. I think I still have that somewhere.

Things have changed a lot since then. I've come to appreciate "Were You Been". I've found out that all the songs that I thought were drug induced psychedelic trips weren't, because J Mascis has been straight edge since the early 80s. It's only been three years, but I've never come to fully to grips. Tomorrow our favorite Dinosaur Jr lineup is playing here and there's a weird, naive, and pathetic part of me that hopes I'll see him there. That he didn't kill himself. That what I read and what everyone told me was somehow wrong. That there was a mixed up.

When they play "Freak Scene", I know you'll hear it. I know you're out there.
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