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What's it mean for the kids in America?

I was playing guitar in the back of the store earlier today when two young girls came in. Upon noticing, I stopped playing, put down my guitar, and walked to the front of the store. As I was doing so the one girl says, "were you playing Guitar Hero?" At first I was taken shocked. Did she know the inner workings of my mind? My delusions of rock stardom? The guitar heroism that only exists in the deep recesses of my dreams?!?!

Then I realized she was referring to the video game.

I told her that I was in fact playing real guitar, which she quickly dismissed with an, “oh.”

A few hours later some other guy asked me if I ever played Guitar Hero. I simply responded, "No."

It's kind of sad that kids are becoming so detached from art, and the creation of it, that they feel that playing a video game is pretty much the same thing.
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