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Convince yourself that everything is alright... because it already is

For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm breaking out of the rut I've found myself in so long. Not only have I found the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, but finally my career is headed in the direction I hoped it would when I graduated nearly 8 years ago.

My grandfather always used to say, "Sometimes a knock down is a step up." I always knew what he meant, but more often in my life a knock down was usually just a knock down.

About a month the company decided to hire an "IT Manger". He is less educated than me, doesn't know the first thing about management, and I question his IT knowledge. I felt completely "knocked down" every day at work. Then last week, out of sheer frustration with the situation, I decided I'd talk with the head of another department about some positions he had open.

Yesterday I was offered a developer trainee position at our company. The position includes a 21% wage increase. After three months, I'll be offered a fulltime developer position, where I can make up to 75% more than I make at my current position. More important than the money is that I'll be doing what I actually wanted to do with my degree, and I'll feel much more fulfilled doing it.

Here's to stepping up.
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